18-th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecular-Metal Complexes (MMC-18)
Russia, 10-13 June 2019

Accommodation on the ship

N.A. Nekrasov

“N.A. Nekrasov” is one of the most comfortable passenger ferries on the rivers of Russia. The cruise ship interior is executed in the modern style with restored elements of historical décor.

All the cabins are equipped with necessary modern conveniences for comfortable journey.

The restaurants “Troyka” and “Lira” serve rich buffet breakfast. It is possible to choose any of the various delicious meals for lunch and dinner. There is an extensive menu of ordered dishes and beverages at the bar “Sovremennik”.

The ferry provides a wide range of services for the tourists: a concert hall, an amazing panoramic terrace, a souvenir shop, medical center, a room with an ironing board, free Wi-Fi in the bar.

At rest stops, sightseeing tours and educational excursions are organized for the tourists.  

Relaxing holiday on the ferry “N.A. Nekrasov” is useful for the passengers’ health. Every day morning exercises, yoga practice and fitness with professional instructor, available fitness equipment for tourists own practice, herbal tea, oxygen cocktail, - all of these will help the guests to be fit, strong and healthy.

Room category Accommodation price for 1 person for 4 days, food services are included in the price
Single cabin
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36 000 RUR / $555 / 490 EURO
Double cabin
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24 000 RUR / $370 / 325 EURO
Triple cabin
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18 000 RUR / $280 / 245 EURO