18-th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecular-Metal Complexes (MMC-18)
Russia, 10-13 June 2019



For your convenience we offer transfers from the airport or the railway station to the hotel. To order and pay for the transfer you need to fill out special forms in the section “Transfers” in your Personal Account.

Route Fee, roubles
Airport-Hotel/Hotel-Airport 3 500 RUR
Railway station-Hotel/Hotel Railway station 2 200 RUR

To order a van, please contact the Technical department via email: mmc-18@confreg.org

The transfer fee includes:

  • Meeting in the entrance hall of the hotel, airport or railway station (with a Congress and participant’s name sign);
  • Waiting for the guests:
    • 15 minutes in the entrance hall of the hotel;
    • 30 minutes at the railway station;
    • 40 minutes at the airport.

When booking a transfer, please, BY ALL MEANS, include:

  • The names of the entourage (if any);
  • The name of the hotel;
  • The name of the airport/railway station;
  • Your contact phone number*.

* Contact number is necessary in case of emergency contact with the passenger in case a force-majeur circumstances (e.g. flight delay). If a phone number is not stated or appears to be unavailable complaints for refunds will not be examined.

Additional conditions:

  1. Deadline for placing applications and paying for transfers – 24th May 2019.
  2. Annulment of orders before 24th May 2019 – no penalties.
  3. Annulment of orders after 24th May 2019 – penalty in the amount of a 100% payment.

All refunds to the participants will be made after the Congress with a 10% percent service fee deduction.


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